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  • Rose Hill School answered 1/14/2020

    What's the latest status on the Rose Hill project? Is it still available?

    The project is still open to investors. If you would like more information, please let us know.

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    • Georgia
  • Samuel Weiser
    Samuel Weiser answered 10/24/2019

    If we own a property for the last 10 yrs since 2009, that became qualified into an opportunity ZONE, do we get to reap the tax benefits if we own it for another 10 more yrs ?

    Unfortunately, under the current regulations, you can't derive any Opportunity Zone tax benefits from the property simply by holding it for another 10 years. However, should you sell the property to a development group to develop/redevelop the property, you could invest your capital gains in that pr... more

  • If we decide to develop a project in Baltimore that is OZ eligible, can BDC help us promote it to investors?


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    • State & Local Development
  • Richard Adams
    Richard Adams answered 5/31/2019

    What is the best way to fund an aquisition?

    Since your question is rather broad, it is difficult to answer with specifics. It would be helpful to know what the proposed aquisition is? Is it an ongoing business, a franchise, is it a public or privately held business? In general, the methods range from traditional financing to IPO's to GoFundMe... more

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  • Samuel Weiser
    Samuel Weiser answered 4/18/2019

    I want to start a business in an Opportunity Zone. How do I raise capital that allows my investors to receive the tax benefits associated with investments into Qualified Opportunity Zones?

    You would need to create an entity that operates out of a Qualified Opportunity Zone ("QOZ"). The entity could be a corporation, a Limited Liability Company ("LLC") or a Limited Partnership ("LP"). If the entity is a corporation, you are selling stock to investors. If... more

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