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Foxdale Management provides a comprehensive approach to consulting services. Utilizing the combined experience of our Associates and Strategic Partners, we assist companies and their boards. Attorneys dealing with complex litigation access our professionals for support and as experts in matters related to investor due diligence, responsibilities of third party service providers (accountants, prime brokers, etc.), securities regulation and fiduciary duties. For companies in distress, in transition or seeking a new operating model, our professionals can assist by assessing operating systems, evaluating accounting processes, operating procedures and developing strategic business plans. Our consulting process is collaborative where we work with ownership, company management, key employees, and business advisors to find solutions that meet corporate objectives and provide long-term financial stability. Our Litigation support services are specialized leveraging our experience in the securities and asset management industries.


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For businesses looking to grow or simply improve their business functions, an assessment of current operations is critical to insure that resources are being committed where they yield their highest value. Our professionals can dissect and evaluate the most complex environments reducing them to their critical components and identifying opportunities and operational gaps requiring attention to achieve the stated objectives. We deliver a comprehensive assessment with clearly defined action items necessary to maximize operational efficiency. For investment management enterprises, Foxdale can offer a wide array of operational consulting services. Whether the focus is creating an operating environment to pass institutional due diligence reviews, improving trading efficiency, retaining top talent or identifying strengths that can be leveraged to improve asset growth, our professionals provide clients with a clear pathway to whatever the stated objective may be. Our experience and specialized asset management capabilities makes Foxdale a unique partner to help move your money management business to a new level or simply repair what's broken.


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Second Set of Opportunity Zone Treasury Regulations Summary

This posting is intended to provide a summary of some of the relevant regulations issued by the Treasury related to Opportunity Zones on April 17, 2019. Nothing contained in is this posting should be considered legal or tax advice and investors should consult their legal and tax advisors before making any decision to defer capital gains or make an investment in Qualified Opportunity Zone Property or a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business.

The Treasury issued the much anticipated second set of regulations related to investments made in Opportunity Zones under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (the “Act”). The regulations focused on clarifying many terms and provisions of the Act to foster greater certainty among investors looking to pursue investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones (“QOZ”). The regulations update aspects of the previously proposed regulations and to provide clarity on issues such as the requirements for “substantially all” where it is used, transactions triggering in...more